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Default Would a game like Titak's Himalayan Mysteries be something in your interest?

Imagine if a game like Titak's Tomb Raider: Himalayan Mysteries was built. It would be a 3D Lara Croft game called, maybe, Lara Croft: Himalayan Mysteries? Here's what I'm thinking:

The game would show Lara Croft at age 21 with her fiancée when their plane crashed in the Himalayas. You would initially guide her as she looks for supplies and shelter. But after finding clues about an ancient artifact that every 500 years would cause some tragedy or accident in its area, Lara sets out for this artifact and soon, for home.

At first, there would indeed be a survival like in the reboot games, but after the first level or two, you would start to do what Lara does best, tomb raiding. At the end, Lara decides to search for the other lost mysteries of the world.

I just wanted to share this idea because I would love something like this to happen.
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