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I love Himalayan Mysteries, but I think it still stands on its own and I wouldn't want to see it remade. I'd rather have Lara go on a new adventure in the same style

For example, if they were to hypothetically make a "Lara Croft Classic" spin-off with more classic-style gameplay elements and level design, I'd buy it. I don't expect them to do that, and there are still hundreds of level editor levels I haven't played yet, but if they did do it I'd buy it

Ironically that's one of the reasons I liked the Wii version of Underworld. The "real" version is still better of course, but the Wii version really reminded me of a custom level in a lot of ways and I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.

Originally Posted by larafan25 View Post
Though I'm not sure there is enough content in the original Himalayan adventure to warrant a full game.
Titak's Himalayan Mysteries level set is longer than Legend
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