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Default With Texmod, how do you make textures invisible?

With Texmod, how do you make textures invisible? I want to make a home outfit without all the guns and belts and straps. How do I make them invisible?
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There is a tutorial for this on HUB. Look for it.
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Tutorial from the TRHUB:


If you want to remove parts of the outfits (e.g. shorten the black dress or make the gear invisible) you can make parts transparent by painting the Alpha Channel black.
In Photoshop, bring up the Channels box (Window, Channels). Normally, the RGB, Red, Green and Blue channels should be selected. If not, click the small box to the left of the RGB channel to bring up the eye. Then click the box of the Alpha 1 channel to bring up the eye there. Now select the Aplha 1 channel. Briefly, all eyes must be visible and the Aplha 1 selected.

When you select the Alpha 1 channel, the foreground and background colours turn to Black & White. Use drawing tools (pen, rectangle tool) and paint the areas you want to appear transparent. When you paint with the black colour, the area will appear reddish. These parts will appear transparent in the game. When you paint with the white colour or use the Eraser, you delete the reddish parts.

IMPORTANT: Keep copies of your files (e.g. in Photoshop format or the original backup), because when reloading .DDS files into PhotoShop, the transparent areas will be black and the original content lost.

And no, you will not be able to make nude pictures that way. If you try, you will find that she does not wear anything underneath... and that means not even a body.
Next time you have a modding question, ask it in the Legend Modding thread.
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^George pretty much said it all.

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