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View Poll Results: Which alternative title does suit Tomb of Tihocan level the best in your opinion?
The Guardians of Death (by charliesewell) 1 4.17%
Pierre's Prized Possession (by Greenapple968) 0 0%
Lightning Philippics (by CuteLilDragon) 0 0%
The Way to Tihocan's Tomb (by GRaider) 0 0%
A Taste of Things to Come (by SorasDestiny) 1 4.17%
Tihocan's Crypt (by tomee) 7 29.17%
Tihocan's Treasure (by tomee) 5 20.83%
This Guy Has Got to Die (by Craig Michaels) 2 8.33%
Catacombs of Tihocan (by tomblover) 3 12.50%
Tihocan's Legacy (by bagas) 2 8.33%
Race to the Scion! (by strawberry22) 1 4.17%
Facing the Past (by ggctuk) 2 8.33%
Voters: 24. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Tomb Raider Alternative Level Titles - Level9 - Best title

Choose one (the best in your opinion) alternative title for TR1 Tomb of Tihocan level.

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Tihocan's Treasure.
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Tihocan's Crypt.
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Tihocan's Treasure.
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Tihocan's Treasure
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Catacombs of Tihocan.
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