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Thank you, Laaqua.

How kind of you to send me a reply.

Shortly after emailing you, I somehow (and magically) finally defeated them! Hooray! I think it was a glitch on my Xbox 360 - for some reason the adreneline rush wasn't working... another post suggested changing the screen resolution. Not sure why, but doing that allowed me to use the AR again -

Now I've moved on and am happily exploring Egypt and loving every minute of the game again.

Have you seen the preview of the one coming out this fall... the graphics have gotten even better! It looks like a movie! Check it out at Stella's great site.

I've beaten the first 7 TRs.... this one was lent to me by a friend. Have you played TR Underworld yet? Just wondering how that one is compared to Anniversary and Legend. (I think Legend may be my favorite so far...)

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Good to hear that you have sorted the Centaurs battle and have moved on in the game. The first play-through of a game is always the best, enjoy!
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