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Default Questions on Von Croy

In the VCI levels we see in some of the cinematics that Von Croy is the old man in the wheelchair, but this slightly confuses me. If this story is set before everyone thinks Lara is dead, under the pyramid. But how come he is able to walk a lot later on. Also how come he seems a lot older? And why is he hating on Lara when the only bad thing between them really was because of Set controlling him?
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I thought that VCI was when people thought she was dead. So therefore, Von Croy is in the wheelchair because of what happened to his leg in Cambodia and he hates Lara because, well, she prevented him from keeping his powers as Set.
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Lara was a teenager when Von Croy's leg was hurt. I believe next, she took the Iris from him; his leg improved later. Then he came under the control of Seth and Lara sealed Seth in his tomb. Lara and Von Croy were reconciled at that point (or perhaps before the events of TR4 in Lara's adulthood)) and she was lost.
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Originally Posted by Jami393 View Post
In the VCI levels we see in some of the cinematics that Von Croy is the old man in the wheelchair, but this slightly confuses me.
Looking old is different to being old. He was injured, so he needed the wheelchair while he recovered. By TR4 his leg had improved enough to walk, though a cane was still needed.
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The unedited audio of the cutscene in question (just before the Red Alert! level) strongly suggests that the older man standing in the office is Werner's father (or close male relative - he calls Werner a 'foolish boy').

As others have said, the evidence is strong for this episode being set quite a few years after the Cambodia adventure which caused Werner to injure his leg, but some time before the events of TR4.
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So the reason we always saw Werner with a cane in Last Revelation is because of the incident when Lara was a teenager?

Remember when Lara left Werner trapped in that tomb of sorts. What did she say? She was coming back to get him? And then she turned around and left.

Well, how did Werner get out of that spherical thing where his leg was trapped?

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The reason why von croy had a cane with him in TR4 is that he was old. In TR5 he was in a wheelchair because he had a leg problem in cambodia. Von croy has his legs recover from the incident from cambodia in TR4. and he looks older in VCI because of the game designers made him that way after TR4 they thought it'd be easier to make him older in VCI.
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