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I can't finish any TR game without walkthroughs... I mean, the Underneath The Sphynx level in TLR? How the hell can you manage the puzzle without a walkthrough?
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When I first played TR4 years ago, I used a walkthrough for about every level, because I sucked at TR's and was a huge blind baby.
But the last time I played it, I never used a walkthrough. Even on that impossible water puzzle in Underneath the Sphinx.
I mean, sure, I drowned a million times and it took me about a hour and a half to finish the puzzle, but I never used a walkthrough. hahaha
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I've been replaying TR4 recently (on hold for the moment) only played it once the whole way through, so this is my second time.
I didn't consider it as one of my fave TR's at the time, but since replaying it I would certainly rate it as my second fave TR.

Been using Stella's walkthrough here and there ...
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I like TR4 very much i played it all the time when i was younger. It was long and challenging i liked all the sections except Giza. Giza the red sky doesn't suit me very well. Cairo is my favorite section.
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