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Originally Posted by Mikky View Post
I have high hopes, but I still have some doubts. Let's just say that I wouldn't be too surprised if this game succeeded, but also wouldn't be surprised if it didn't.
Pretty much this.
Can we get a TR with a bald Lara just so I can watch the TR fandom squirm?
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Originally Posted by Bashar View Post
good points you guys! I didn't know LAU sold more then tomb raider 1! No wonder the series went on okay regardless of their lacklustre bits. So do you guys think those newcommers will actually like the game when they buy it? Let's face it. Nowadays, all gamers like those dumb shooter games and whatever. Tomb Raider is all about creativity and puzzle solving, it was never based on running around fighting goons for the heck of it.

So what exactly do you think this game will appeal to newcommers? do you think they may become fans?
We don't have enough data!
Don't you see we're all on nerves???
There are still a few months until we get more information!
We've only seen a few minutes of the game. The rest of the iceberg remains under water and we have no diving goggles.
We can only wait.
According to what the rest of the game offered. The beginning of the adventure is interesting and according to the data we have, there may be surprises and many places to explore.
It all depends on what the island hides.
This is the process more dark and disturbing that I have lived in a Tomb Raider.
If the game has half of mystery that its release, I assure you some new fans will come to see what happens here! lol
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Hahaha! I guess so, and I thought new information is coming this month?
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Nothing is absoultely certain at this point.
Something about you makes me feel like a dangerous fox.
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Nothing is without doubt. But I honestly do believe that, just by initital reaction, this game will do much better than any of the trilogy games. People seem genuinely excited for this game. They can see that the time and effort is being put in to put TR back on the map again and make it a fresh gaming experience relevant to todays audience. Plus it'll look nice and have good character development. So as long as it has a good story that alone will appease many of today's gamers.
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