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Laras Boyfr.
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Thumbs down iPhone app blocks my PC from using WiFi

Hey there
As my father got for several months an iPhone, he got also a little app on it which can block certain PC addresses (and other devices, my mobile also) from accessing a certain WiFi (our WiFi).
He apparently can block and unblock these devices with a schedule or manually
( I ask him to unblock it, so he knows when I use it, as he doesnt want me to abuse with it)
Well the problem is that I cant get internet access when my dad isnt at home, and except that this is getting annoying, it hinders me from doing work when I need to.
My dad doesnt agree to remove it though.

So I thought, would there be a possibility to circumvence this block?
Im thinking of changing the name/address of my device/PC, is this possible?

I still dont know the name of that app, but I gotta look for it if it might be helpful.

I know btw the security code of the WiFi.

Any help is appreciated
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There is no crApple application which can "block some PC from using WiFi on a third-party router". Your father is simply accessing the router configurator and blocks/unblocks/edits timings for your PC access

You can do the same by accessing the routers config via browser... if your PC is not blocked from configuring it.

BUT as what you ask is circumventing parental control, no help would be provided here. Sorry.
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