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Dennis's Mom
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Default Today is World Malaria Day

It's kills someone every 45 seconds. However, malaria is treatable and cureable. There is a new initiative to wipe out malaria by the year 2015 in which many charities and organizations are taking part.

This video was produced by the ELCA to raise awareness, but a google search will provide others.

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It's a shame that there are no posts here yet. But what can be said? That it's sad? I did not know of this cause or that yesterday was World Malaria Day. It's videos like this that brings it home to me that the people of Africa are in need of help, for this, treatment for Malaria and so much more.

Thank you for posting Dennis's Mom, to bring this cause to our attention and also as a reminder of Africa's struggles in general. I don't forget, but for me, all I can really do is donate a little and hope that my pennies help a little.
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Tomb Raider
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I am so glad something's been done about this, I really hope the initiative is a success. It's really sad that the argument a lot of people use to not donate to this kind of initiatives is that it really won't make a difference whether they contribute or not. It's not true, because every little donation counts and, if everybody thought that, this surely wouldn't result in anything. So, yes, I'll try to find out more about this and contribute to this cause, since this disease can actually be cured.
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