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Originally Posted by Kikiloco View Post
using ngle wich allow unlimited textures; and ultra high polygons objects and most likelly it will allow you to build what ever you have in mind with not limitation at all.
We wish...

NGLE/TRNG have their own limitations as well.
Each editor has its own...
And we have to live with that. You pick an editor and use it, limitations included. If there are limitations that you don't like, limitations which won't allow you to really make the level the way you want it to be, you pick another editor.
But you will run into limitations one way or another. So pick the editor that fits your needs best.

Having said that, I agree with you, Kikiloco, about how not getting perfect blackness in a level does not mean that the level will be bad.
How good a level is also depends on lots of other things.
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Originally Posted by Kikiloco View Post
Like i said, open your texture set into a paint tool and lower the brighness, then use that new texture set in dxtre3d, it dosent matter if it is the original tr2 texture set or not; if you lower the brigness in 20% then in game everithing will look 20% darkes as it would looks with the original set, just so simple like that.

Sorry you think that way, sorry if 31 is not black enough for you, too bad you think that damn difference is so important and makes a good level in a bad one; in my opinion a good level is about a lot more important stuff than this nonsense, but if you feel that way then i am agree with you, stop now and go do a tr4 level using ngle wich allow multicolored lights, unlimited textures; and ultra high polygons objects and most likelly it will allow you to build what ever you have in mind with not limitation at all.
Maybe I was being too harsh there; it's just that I'm sometimes irritatingly perfectionist about some things. The limited lighting of Dxtre3d itself isn't such an important thing, but that's not the only problem I have had with Dxtre3d. The thing that I hate about not having the 100% blackness is that it makes the use of flares pretty much useless, and I feel that they were a very important part of TR2's atmosphere.

And my problem with lowering the textures' brightness is that if you do light a flare then you can see the brightness difference of textures and it ruins the illusion. But anyway, if I'm gonna make a TR2-styled game, I sure won't be choosing NGLE because I know that no matter how much work I'll put into creating TR2 atmosphere, it'll still feel like a bad imitation done with TR4.

I will continue with Dxtre3d, but I'm not gonna concern myself with lighting yet, since it actually should be one of those things with which you add the finishing touches to the level. Gameplay should, of course, be the number one priority.
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You still can lower all your textures and just add more lighting somewhere or not.
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The best way to do that is with a dark room with ambient lights. Usually a Sun Bulb takes care of this but you can also strategically place lights as well. Don't forget you can also turn lights "off" to make them not affect Lara with the lighting.
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