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Exclamation It's official. I'm cursed when it comes to computers...

My HP laptop's battery spazzed out on me a few days ago and wouldn't even get to the login screen so I had to buy a new computer. The old laptop was nearing five years usage so rather than replacing the battery on the old one I opted to just buy an entirely new one.

So I bought a brand new Samsung and so far I love it, but the SAME BATTERY PROBLEM seems to be starting, and I don't know what the heck is wrong.

It's plugged in, but it says 97% available (plugged in, not charging). I let it charge up fully the first day I bought like I've heard you're supposed to do... I don't know what the problem is. This only started last night, I noticed the battery was suddenly at 98% and not charging. I unplugged it for a few minutes to carry it upstairs so I'm thinking that's where the drainage occured, but now it's not charging?

I've been Googling around for possible causes to this issue and read somewhere that it's likely that in order to prevent "overcharging", batteries on laptops charge in increments of 10%, and since only 3% of the battery is 'used up' at the moment, it'll just show up as "not charging" but I'm scared to keep draining it just to test if that's the case.

Is there a problem with the actual electricity source in my house/outlets? This computer is three days old, I shouldn't be having battery issues already. If it is the worst case scenario I still have about 28 days to return this computer to Best Buy, lol.

Any thoughts? =/
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Most likely just a glitch, relax.
Unplug the AC adapter and let your laptop drain the bat to e.g. 94%, then plug AC adapter back in and it'll charge and indicate 100% in a short while.

To ensure you're safe though you can do the following: perform several (3-4) total discharge/recharge sequences with your new laptop/battery.

I suppose you'd better invite an electrician to check the power net of your house
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Let it drain to 92% and it's charging again. Thanks
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Default Battery conditioning

EscondeR's advice is rock solid, conditioning the battery for 3-5 long drain/charge cycles is the best way to get a stable draw from the battery.

The second thing is that most laptop hardware that monitors battery condition needs a few full drain/recharge cycles to determine the battery's full charge potential. If you had two identical 8 cell batteries with the same material composition, let's say NiCa (for argument sake) one battery's max potential charge might be 97% while the other might be 99% max charge of battery composition (compared to the ideal of 100% ), this is nothing the owner did, its simply because of the the chemical composition of the battery, the closer the chemicals are combined to the optimal formula the closer the battery will be to 100% chargeable, (no battery will every charge perfectly to 100% every single time - the older the battery the more the variation.)

Getting 5 good years from a single laptop battery means that you use it in a reliable and consistent manner, the only method that would get you better results with that kind of reliability would be to have two identical batteries, label then #1 and #2 and then religiously (without fail, this is easy if one develops OCD) alternate the batteries between recharges ( use bat #1 swap to #2, when 2 drains switch back to #1 and charge... then rinse and repeat (like it says on the bottle) [ just don't do the rinse part directly to the battery!!!]
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