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Originally Posted by Draco View Post
The idea is to get new recruits used functioning in intensely stressful conditions. It's not an obedience thing.
Makes sense... it would accomplish making me want to kill somebody, that's for sure.
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Me!? At war!? lolno I be killed within the first few seconds. Army is definitely not for me.
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Originally Posted by moodydog View Post
Just had a quick though, I wonder if anyone here has ever though about joining the Army, or have served in the Army?

I suppose it boils down to 'Do you love your country enough to fight for it?'

I personally, could not bring myself to join. I don't think I would achieve any sort of satisfaction from doing it. I also believe that any skills I have or will pick up can be utilised elsewhere. On the contrary, If any skills could land me a great job in connection with something like defence (like engineering parts for submarines) ect I probably would consider the possibility, indirectly.
But never would want to be on the front line.

Ok, I would like to hear you thoughts.

I served in the Air Force. I grew up poor as a church mouse. I would not have been able to go to college without their help. I used the GI bill, tuition assistance and Vet Grant.
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As much as I love the US, I don't really feel like risking my life.
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I want to do one of those training assort courses things They look like fun, yet no I wouldn't.
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Originally Posted by Alex Shepherd View Post
In America! NEVEERR!!
But here in Lebanon... Yes of course, I would appreciate to join the army to defend my country from bad ass Israil.
Lmfao. We are badass. Maybe you wouldn't even need an army if your country would've stopped threating us.
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I have to join, since i was born in Israel. I'm not going to do fighting though.
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Originally Posted by Moosey View Post
I have to join, since i was born in Israel. I'm not going to do fighting though.
Unless you live in Israel, or go back for a Holiday... I didn't think you'd have to join. Or are you called back for service?
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I would never join the military. I wouldn't even make it through basic training tbh.
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