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Default special edition?

is this game have a special edition? if yes what it will contains?

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I'm sure they've mentioned that a Special Edition is happening, I hope we get a map of the Island.
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Will there be a Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition?

KS: “Of course! I love collector’s editions and personally designed sets for Batman: Arkham Asylum and Age of Conan. I’ve done loads and loads and I’m a big fan of them. So yes it’s on my list and I’ve already been doing a lot of exploration so I can say with certainty that there will be a collector’s edition. The editions may be unique to specific territories however, because some areas have restrictions and so on.”
So I think it's pretty clear



Will Crystal Dynamics ever opt to have their own online Tomb Raider store? We want Lara goodies!

KS: “And I want to sell Lara goodies! Yes, one of my roles is to be out there making sure that we bring together all of the merchandise, all of the licensing, and all of the extensions and partners together in one place. Everything from online stores, to collectibles, to you name it. We've been busy. You'll see pretty soon.
You'll see pretty soon.
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I really hope they release a good Special Edition for the US considering we haven't had one at all
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I want special edition to go worldwilde!

and it better be THE special edition!
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