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Originally Posted by Horus-Goddess View Post
Heh yeah, it can be hard to mold a different model to have the same shape as another without running into problems like that. ^^; I've tried it before haha. But it sounds interesting, I'm interested to see what your revised outfits will look like with this sort of proportion! :O I hope you post a screen somewhere!
I still haven't done the upperarms/shoulders which need to go back towards her back a bit more I think, making them wider, and once done I'll post comparison pics in my MoA thread.

I'm keeping whatever shapes I have basically the same so I won't have to retexture, which already saves me a lot of time.

I'm also thinking of redoing her jacket using the denim jacket textures from Claire Redfield.
But I haven't done that yet. Just fiddling with the bodyshape now.
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Originally Posted by Caesum View Post
Ooh, if you're more into retexturing now, then you can remake your green camo outfit to make it look like TRAOD's camo.

Oh, and your diving suit is superb. I love how detailed your outfits are.
About the headmesh - I've always been fan of heameshes that resemble trilogy Lara as much as possible. My normaly stable opinion on this subject has been heavily affected though by your last headmesh. This head, in my opinion, is better than TRL Lara's head and surely much better than TRU troll-Lara's head. My only complain is that this Lara looks a bit too proud, yet not determined/angry enough. It's especially visible in TRAOD's outfits, because that Lara was like a walking volcano, possible to explode at every moment. But still, that's one of the best head meshes Lara could ever had. Good work.

Anyway, why haven't you upgraded your site with all these wonderful outfits?
Hah, I just updated the site today. I had been too lazy about updating it sooner ~_~.

Anyway as for what you've said about her expression, I think that must be what's bothered me about the AOD Lara I did. Maybe it's just a matter of tweaking her eyebrows or something to get it to look more like she did. She did look too "pleasant" xD! Which is fine in my opinion for the Legend remakes. Hmm... I will mess with it a little bit and see what I can come up with.

Thanks for your input! It's actually quite an eye opener. I just couldn't put my finger on what it was that looked off with it before.

Originally Posted by ZIP2010 View Post
I loved the red version, amazing
Originally Posted by TheTiger View Post
I'm so much in love with the jacket, its so perfectly textured!
(I also love these boots so much !)
It's a Croft... of the Lara variety!
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Wow. The jacket-less version is amazing, I love it
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Awesome work HorusGoddess! Itt's really nice to see those older weapons getting some loove Now we can change the weaponry easily and have more variety in games
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Level NextGen
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WoW too much Awesomeness there and around

Great work!! I really like the dirty biker outfit, it add to the realism
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Here's an update! Finally got started on the "Legend - Winter" set. I'm still not sure how I'll do the coat version but... I will worry about that when I get there. ^^;

I'm also going to try doing the Pink version also. Though, for the jacket version I will probably leave the coat brown lol. I always thought the pink coat looked too... young for her.

It's a Croft... of the Lara variety!
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Girl, this is uber amazing!
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Tomb Raider
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Oh god, she's superb!
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Perfect !
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