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Xenoblade Chronicles X

That ending... Screw you too game!
Next year this time when I'm playing it (Bayonetta3) on Xbone-Mr GaGa–eventually
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Originally Posted by Grimaldi View Post
I guess either Eveline found out and could influence her not to (they only became muderous at night, I think, but were still under her control) or Marguerite was brainwashed into being grateful for her "gift" by that point and didn't seek further treatment for it.
It sounds plausible I'm not entirely convinced, but it truly doesn't make any difference to my fondness for RE7

Originally Posted by rewak View Post
21 is probably my favourite too, but i love Lucas so i guess i'm biased on that
What do you love about him? His sadistic nature?

I can say he's...interesting, and the only originally sadistic in the family. Jack and Marguerite looked like good, willing and smart parents. I pity them for not being able to do something (useful) about Lucas' condition. But if they had, we wouldn't have seen Chris losing his soldiers...again.
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Horizon Zero Dawn - 7/10

I liked some of the combat - 1v1 battles with Thunderjaws and Stormbirds were fantastic - but I also largely hated the combat as it frequently got reduced to sheer chaos, what with the number of enemies at once, the specific types of enemies, and the camera, with which I had many issues.

I loved the cauldrons, and consider those the pinnacle of this game's design. The open world outside? Not so much. I hate to say it but bar a few select locations, the world felt like it could've been randomly generated with how much it lacked attention to detail. It's gorgeous to just look at of course, but not really all that fun or interesting to traverse.

Aloy herself could've been interesting, if only they allowed her to show emotion and express herself as an actual human being outside of the main storyline and the few brain-heart-fist. Alas, when it comes to the side content, the writing and VA is generally completely **** for the most part.

The crafting was doing my head in. Not the realtime ammo crafting, that was fine. I'm talking about hunting for resources to make a bigger bag for resources. The RNG attached to all the boars and foxes dropping their skins and bones is ridiculous. I actually did the counting one time - I had to kill 19! boars before one finally dropped its skin. It's frustrating, and nonsensical.

I don't get why this game has any leveling/crafting/an open world in the first place, though. And I reckon the developers might be with me on this. If you have to include 'making a longer roll' as an unlockable skill, you probably understand the redundancy of your skill system even better than I do.

I really wish they went more for something akin to Batman Arkham Asylum. Make the world smaller, tighter, take a really good look at your game design and just go ahead and strip it of needless nonsense. Leave only the stuff that really makes your game your game.
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