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Actually from this very angle it looks fine, because we're looking from behind Lara, and the lights are in front of her, so she would be yellow in front, but dark behind. But yeah, it's only on his particular picture that it looks like it could work, because yes, the lighting on her often clashes with the room's lighting on PSX.
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Originally Posted by HarleyCroft View Post
Am I alone in vastly preferring the colours of the PC version?

They're so nice and contribute to the atmosphere in such a constant, understated way. On the PC London and the dark Nevada levels are mysterious and intriguing, even Lara's home has a much richer, warm feeling.

On the PS, the colours are so garish and cartoon-like. The contrast makes Lara a black blob running through the environment, not to mention the huge problem with darkness making half the game's graphical nuances invisible.

I miss gaming on my old PC so much, especially when playing TR3 on PS
Personally, from seeing beta images and videos of the ps1 version, I like how it looked before whatever version came along and darkened Lara's appearance. I can't say if the pc version was the same way, however. The only video of a pc beta I found looks like it was recorded from a pc with a 3dfx card.

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Updating this thread with more footage. This time with Madubu Gorge, one of the levels that is often cited as being better looking in the ps1 version.



Is it just me, or do most people that record this game raise the gamma to something like 5?

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