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Thank you Jesus, my parents realized I was just a little gay boy and carried on as usual, unlike these parents in 2017 who jump to the assumption that their child needs to be pumped with hormones and begin the process of a sex change to virtue signal to the world that they're progressive. This is child abuse.

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^Way to blow it completely out of proportion and misrepresent the entire issue.

"Bill 89 does not give the government power to seize children from families based on a parent that disagrees with a child’s gender identification. Any suggestion of the sort is false," Alicia Ali, a spokesperson for Michael Coteau, Ontario's Minister of Children and Youth Services, told BuzzFeed News in an email.
Mere disagreement with a child about their gender identity or gender expression is not enough to bring the child into care. Instead, it has to be part of "a pattern of abuse, neglect or serious emotional harm" before removing the child can be considered, according to Akihito Tse, a spokesperson for the advocate's office.

Guess you got your info from The Blaze or InfoWars and didn't bother to look one extra second.
But, I could be wrong. Feel free to post links contradicting what I posted and I'll read through them.

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eh nevermind, think I'd rather stay out of this lol.
It's a Croft... of the Lara variety!

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