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Originally Posted by Trenton View Post
I think possibly the only thing being too ambitious is the number of days to raise the money. Maybe 30 days will be just too short. 60 days would have made the campaign reach its goal for sure.
THIS! 30 days is so ****ing unrealistic, idk why anybody thinks that's a good idea!
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Originally Posted by Lenochka View Post
True, but is it really wise to send potential investors away when you guys mentioned Nathan is listening to fan advice? Even if the artwork on the album and vinyl were fixed I would invest. Why should we stay silent when you guys are backing it no matter what? Why not throw our cents out there and see if something comes of it. I'm not trying to be negative, I'm just disappointed in how everything rolled out and saying what chances I would have liked to see.

As I already said, I don't care about an orchestral recording or the remastered soundtrack. I guess I could just ignore the kickstarter all together and not even consider backing it at all? It looks like it needs all the help it can get at this point, so I don't really see the issue in wondering why better perks weren't rolled out in order to pull in more casual fans who have drifted away from the series. Like Zebra said, it's a pretty niche product. Nicer bonuses could have brought in more backers.

I think people need to chill out and stop expecting everyone here to react to everything in the same way. I wasn't happy with what I seen and posted my opinion on it with constructive criticize on what I thought could have been done in order to remedy the problem I seen.
I'd really love to buy the Silver Key but almost 80€ (including shipment fees) for two vinyls is a bit too much for me.
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I'm OK with people not supporting. For me personally a remastered soundtrack is great especially as not all the music was available. Would you say the same if a fave album remastered a old album for the new generation. To me remastered album is great. Ebay.co.uk is key for people don't want to support.
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Originally Posted by Camera Obscura View Post
Since Square Enix seem to be allergic to Classic Lara, this is the closest we'll get to owning "official" merchandise with her face on it.
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Wheres the community spirit everyone? <3
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TR Suite is featured in the Metro.co.uk


Hopefully it can back more though
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^ Wow! Isn't this the biggest mainstream coverage for the campaign thus far? I know it's not the Daily Mail, but still All other press has only been gaming press until now, right?

30 days is pretty short, but when you think about it, it's over 110,00 for a rather underdog project, even if it doesn't make it, I think it's still impressive.

As for Lenochka's opinion, I think it's actually valid, because it's true that a lot of people would have gone for the extra stuff when pledging, so no reason for heavy criticism IMO. Te reason the "kick" or "perks" aren't good enough for merch lovers is simply that this campaign was made with the music in mind. If the goal isn't met this time round, then maybe the idea to produce and sell merch as a means for funding the soundtrack might be a good one for future attempts
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My dad let me use his credit card (as I don't have one) so I was finally able to back the campaign myself .
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Yay! Well done, Zebra!

New announcement in a bit more than 10 minutes, ya all.
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Originally Posted by Zebra View Post
My dad let me use his credit card (as I don't have one) so I was finally able to back the campaign myself .
Nice! You maxed it out then I take it?
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