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Default Man in smoking: Robot or human

Hey there, I played TR Chronicles many times, but I'm not sure about one thing:
You know that black dressed bald man that appeared in the title sequence and in the last level? Is it a robot with a realistic skin or a cyborg (human with robotic parts)?

Reasons he can be a robot:
-He can't die with Lara's gun shots;
-He has too many robotic parts, even in his head;
-When he touches the water when he is damaged he "dies" like a robot, so he continues to move after his death.

Reason he cannot be a robot, but a human with some robotic parts:
-In the title scene he grunts when Lara falls on him;
-The second time he appeares he dies when he breaths the poisonous gas, so he breaths;
-The object slot name in Wad Merger is CYBORG;
-He moves like a human (he has the same meshtree and anims of TR4 Von Croy);
-He wears glasses. Why does a robot should wear glasses.

And you? What's your opinion?

P.s. It would be great having a plugin for using him in TRLE
I hope in some good news about TRNG!
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I don't think Core gave that much depth and thought to it. But, yes, I'd agree that they're cyborgs; part human and part robot.
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Yes, part human part robot

If you really want to be confused just watch the very violent Westworld TV series, especially series 2. About a theme park full of robots.

They have robot hosts and human guests, but it gets very confusing as the robots are made of a synthetic external layer to mimic human flesh and blood and even guts (as damage to them shows this up).

Now the robots become self aware, so are becoming like humans in thought and random action. Then we have humans that could have robotic limbs or other parts (re:the man in the black hat, who is human but repairs himself after being shot with a robotic repair kit).

Then finally we find out some humans are becoming robots with their minds mapped and transferred into the robot bodies to be able to live forever.

So then we come to the future for Mankind...
Well, Westworld is fiction, but we could see in the future a merging of robotic parts (limbs and organs) and even brain implants with microchips for instant communication, remote control of equipment by thought, Repair of damaged brains in disabled people, and brain storage of information via uploads and downloads. Its all a bit like the Borg of Star Trek

It all seems a rather frightening future ahead as A.I. and robotics creep into our world. To augment us, assimilate us or just destroy us, as A.I. may consider us as the irrelevant human fleshy things that we are, and should go the same way as the dinosaurs, ie, as in extinct

The film 'The Terminator' told us of a dark future ahead if we let A.I. in.

So getting back to discussing the TR Chronicles game, do us all a favour and just make sure you 'kill all cyborgs' before they destroy mankind
Humble words by The Great Chi
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