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Finally got around to play this and just finished. Goodness, what a fantastic remake that is. It's absolutely beautiful.
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I do not know where to write this curiosity. There is a remake of another classic old game similar to the first part of Tomb Raider -
Drakan: Order of the Flame 1999.
The game is created on the Unity engine and will not only be a remaster,
but there will also be changes on the levels. In this game we had a dragon.
The project is called "OpenOOTF: A Drakan Remake"


This project reminds me of "Tomb Raider II Revised" and
"Tomb Raider 3 remake" also on the Unity engine.
Such games as Drakan 1999, Shadow man 1999 or Soul Reaver 1999 were based on the success of the first parts of the Tomb raider and I think that they copied much of their style and appearance.
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