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Default Forum rules

Welcome to the New Builders Questions subforum!

The purpose of the subforum is to teach new level builders making the basic editor steps properly, helping them to make nicely their first level.

Please read the forum rules below before you start posting here.

1. You are a "new builder" here:
- if you have never touched the editor, or
- if you have already tried editing, but you can not not not not understand the basics, however, having read many manuals and tutorials so far.

If you are aware of the basic knowledge, then you are not a newbie. I mean, if you know what a Moveable object, floor grid, click, inner lighting, texture tile, GlobalTrigger etc. is and how to make slopes, doors, water, nice lighting, TriggerGroup etc. then your knowledge should be enough even for a general builder question thread to ask, out of this subforum.
Members knowing the basics are called "advanced builders" or "experts" here.

On the other hand, already having a level released doesn't mean you are not a newcomer builder. I mean, if you feel that level was so bad, primitive that you should have not released that, then you probably don't know the basics properly.

2. The subforum is dedicated to all the known editors:
TRLE, Dxtre3D, TREP, TRNG, Tomb Editor

Feel free to ask, discuss about any basic question of any of these editors.

If any of these editors is brand new for you, then you cannot name yourself as a newcomer, if at least with another one of the editors you are an advanced builder or an expert.

3. What you are allowed to do here if you are a new builder:
- Ask a basic question.
- Type your question in any of the existing threads.
- Open a new thread to discuss about your tenderfoot level.
- Open a new thread to ask your specific question. Please link a tutorial to this, if you also used that tutorial, trying this feature.
- If you feel you know enough about a specific question, the you can act with that question as if you were an advanced builder/expert.

4. What you are allowed to do here if you are an advanced builder or an expert:
- Answer a question.
- Type your answer in any of the existing threads.
- Explaining anything which is not asked yet, in the existing threads. (But, please, don't do that in open chats.)
- Open a new thread to explain a specific question which is not asked yet. If you also link an available tutorial to that, then the thread will be the discussing thread of the tutorial.

5. What you are NOT allowed to do here, whoever you are:
- Opening general chat threads for programs (like eg. "TRNG general questions") or general theme groups (like eg. "texture questions"). If you do so, the thread will be closed at once, without any warning.
- Asking to remove threads to here from other subforums. These demands will be ignored, without any discussion.
- Opening a thread for anything which is not question-for-editor-related. I mean, eg. if you open a thread to talk about why don't we lead the forum this way or that way, then the thread will be closed at once, without any warning.
See the TRLE off-topic chat in the main TRLE section to discuss about anything which are not question-for-editor-related.

6. What you are allowed to do here, whoever you are:
- Ask Titak or me to open general chat threads for programs (like eg. "TRNG general questions") or general theme groups (like eg. "texture questions"). It will be discussed with the forum leaders.
- Ask Titak or me if you feel for any reason that a thread of this subforum should be moved into another subforum. It will be discussed with the forum leaders.

7. The definition of "basic questions" here:
Don't forget, dear newcomer, you are a new builder here, so don't want to ask an advanced question or a workaround here, like "how to make Lara drive an airplane?"
Yes, you can ask that, but not in this newbie subforum, but in the general editor subforums - again, even if you are a newbie.
If any visitor of this subforum encounters a thread like this, then they can ask Titak or me to remove it from this subforum.

Basic questions, what a newcomer can ask here, are what are basic for that editor. For example, "how to place a texture tile?" is clearly basic for all the editors.
I found important to emphasize that "for that editor". I mean, for example, using TRNG GlobalTriggers naturally sounds something really complicated for a newcomer TRLE user, but it is one of the basics in TRNG. (But, again, a workaround made with GlobalTriggers is not a basic question. Only the basics of the GlobalTriggers are what can be discussed in this newbie subforum.)

8. Thread names:
- The thread you open should always have an easily understandable name.
Bad names, for example:

My question
TRLE doesn't work
Crash problem

Good names, for example:

How to split walls into sections?
Question: general usage of Heavyswitch triggers
Why do the animated textures on my waterfall not work?

Bad thread names will be changed by the forum leaders, at once!

- If the thread you open is specified for an editor, then please signal it at the start of the thread name, like:

TRNG - How to...

9. In all the other aspects the general rules of TRF are the standard.

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