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Originally Posted by Grimaldi View Post
In what way? The only thing that truly matters is her bloodline.
The bloodline didn't matter until Hoshi killed herself. Before, Himiko needed to mold the perfect woman. When Hoshi chose her fate, Himiko was halfway through the soul transfer and it trapped half of her soul in the Hoshi's bloodline. I'm guessing that once the queen died, her family continued to reproduce and they inevitably left Japan and the family tree spread across the world which then led to Sam.
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No, I don't think she should have. Making her the vessel would've come off as another way of highlighting how "special" Lara is, which seems like an overkill to me.
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Originally Posted by Blackmoor View Post
Personally I've always thought it would have been better to have Alex as the vessel.

Because it would have subverted our expectations completely.

He could have had some japenese parentage way back in his past that even he was unaware of. And through this be a direct ancestor and so of the bloodline of Himiko.

And him being male would be explained by the fact that myths aren't always accurate.

With Sam there is no twist. With Lara.... she's already the centre of everything in that game, to have her as the vessel would have been too much for me.

With Alex... mild mannered, not mega in your face, seemingly insignificant, we have a bit of a twist.....
and Sam could have taken Alex's place in the game and vice versa...

*cackling intensifies*
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I didn't look through the thread, so I don't know if this was mentioned, but your idea would've sounded similar to the GBC title, "Tomb Raider - Curse of the Sword". The general stories of the games are different, but the idea is the same.

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Originally Posted by tiann View Post
and Sam could have taken Alex's place in the game and vice versa...

*cackling intensifies*
I hadn't thought of that, but... yeah!
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