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Originally Posted by Helegad View Post
"Egypt, Jean-Yves. You left me there."

If you mentally replace Von Croy with Jean-Yves in AOD, it makes a bit more sense.
This is all my exact thought, honestly. Had Core not gotten in trouble with a REAL Jean-Yves for the likeness and nixed him from the later games, it would've made a considerably better amount of sense. After all, Jean-Yves leaves in the Citadel level in TR4, and isn't seen again. If Lara held any grudges against him for turning tail and leaving her behind, meeting him later in his Parisian home makes a lot more sense for a French archaeologist rather than German-born Von Croy.

Honestly though, in the Von Croy context, none of it makes sense because of the fact that they clearly hated each other for so many years prior to Chronicles. For Lara to refer to him as a "good friend" to Carvier, It just doesn't make sense.
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^Yeah I don't know what was going on in the writer's heads when they wrote this plot. I agree it makes sense with Jean-Yves instead.

It's a pity that we never got to see Lara and Werner resolve their differences and animosity before Von Croy died. In TR4 they started off as rivals, in Chronicles they were enemies. AOD should have been the game where they settle their bickering and become good friends again*. But nope, they had to kill Werner while both of them were still on bad terms with each other.

*AOD would have been more special to me had they gone with this route.
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Ι, actually love how toxic their relationship is because it feels real.
You can have a love/hate relationship with people in real life
and its one of the few games where you see characters
having this type of thing.
Life's a game!;P
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