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Originally Posted by Valentino View Post
Yo, there’s no way I can rummage through this entire thread to see if anyone pointed this out....but that braid would most likely have been for young Lara...I’m playing that section as I type, and her head is legit in the style as if it was forming into a braid....if you actually look at the pony tail on young Lara it does look quite stuck on to her head. Someone else go look please because I’m so sure it would have been for young Lara. The reason it wasn’t probably used was Eidios wouldn’t have a reason not to include a braid on adult Lara, and they wouldn’t want “waiiiiit a minute, why does young Lara have a braid and adult Lara doesn’t get one after years of requests!!!@@)6&’”
So to avoid all that they got rid of braid all together.
Sounds more plausible .. I mean look at the ''bows'' in it - looks more like what Young Lara would have.. her hair is lighter too..
Adult Lara's hair is darker.

Still sad to see stuff cut which were more classic - CD and SE really do seem to be against the classic stuff which is a shame.
Any series needs to remember and honour its roots - look at RE2 Remake and Sonic, Crash, Spyro etc - those are examples of devs who care

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I could honestly see this braid for young Lara.

I always thought young Lara's ponytail seemed weird...like it was stuck onto her head with glue. The rest of her hair was mesh
Anyways, ponytail can stay, but my god she needs to take care of that 70s yeti hair in front of her face.
Sade of tea Tom Braid Her.

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Unpopular Opinion: I'm actually glad they didn't give this Lara all of her classic elements. I wouldn't want her to be the way she was and then just have a whole bunch of classic stuff thrown on her. It was good to take a break and watch her mold into classic Lara. She needed progression and growth. Now that she is a TR, this would be the perfect opportunity to bring everything back.
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