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Default Ever had one of 'those' Days?

Wasn't sure which section to post this discussion in so if its the wrong one, apologies in advance.

I was just playing Tomb Raider 1 and resumed my game from a few week ago in St. Francis Folly and for the first time ever messed up the timing on Thor's hammer, then on reloading I missed a jump with fatal consequences and on my third try stumbled off the edge near the top. I ejected the disc and resumed my game in Tomb Raider: Chronicles instead convinced that I was had just recently adapted to those smoother controls, except no still I died over and over on Sinking Submarine by missing crucial jumps over charged water. Frustrated, but undoubtedly in the mood to play Tomb Raider I threw in Legend and retired with shame to its simplistic difficulty.

So my question is, have you ever had one of 'those' days where all ability and skill goes out the window and you're just awful at Tomb Raider? Lately I've found myself making the most rookie mistakes more often than I'd like to admit! However I find its usually for a day or so, just a day once or twice a year in which its near impossible to progress smoothly without reloading about a thousand times! If I'm ever playing Tomb Raider with friends or family watching and I'm that much more inclined to impress I find I buckle under the pressure and my playing ability suffers greatly. Does anyone else ever have these odd days?
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Hardly that much (in TR Classics) And I probably know why...

I don't play LAU
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Everyone has one of 'those days' at everything, not just TR. We all have a day, where we just mess up and everything you touch turns to ****. Well, I hope it's everyone and not just me.
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lord gaga
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Well maybe only a few times.
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I don't know, I never pay attention to how many times I die, I juts blame Lara !
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Originally Posted by LNSNHGTDS View Post
I don't know, I never pay attention to how many times I die, I juts blame Lara !
Well, about 95% of [unintentional] deaths in Tomb Raider games are in fact fault of Lara's clumsiness. That's probably the cause of "those" days. The more anxious you get, the less likely Lara is able to follow on what you're trying to do, so you start dying over and over from the most random things. Same when you're trying to impress people. As they said in the TRA comments, old Lara was like clockwork; she only worked through certain distances and timings, anything else would get her killed.

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Tomb Raider
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Yeah. In the newest games though you can just put something heavy on the forward button and you'll beat the game anyway.

About those "times". I have it always when I'm trying to do something fast. It's quite irritating, but you have to be careful all the time in order to finish the game. On the other side, that's why I love classics.

Oh and I just suck at playing on playstation. I hate that gamepad.

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Actually, I think not.

Moreover, when I'm having "one of those days" where everything goes bad, I play TR so I can relax myself a little bit.
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Tomb Raider
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Only in LAU. I'm usually very good with the controls in TR's 1-6.
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Originally Posted by EscondeR View Post

I don't play LAU
Why? Will you play TR9?
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