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Default Xevengar's Tomb Raider 1 Mods

Hello everyone, I have a thread on the General Tomb Raider part of this forums about my mods, but I decided to also create this one since this is the modding area after all and some people may not know about my post

Anyway I will keep both this post and the other updated with new mods I release in the future.

Enjoy, have fun and feel free to give suggestions for new models!

Seasonal Mods:

New - Summer Raider

Lara croft Edits:

Lara riding a Velociraptor (Simplified)

Play as Adult Link (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Play as Bat

Play as Carlos (Peruvian guide)

Play as Cat Mummy

New - Play as Doppelganger

Play as Jean Yves (Braided)

New - Play as Helicopter

Play as Medipack Lara

Play as Natla

Play as Palm Tree

Play as Roman Statue

Play as Skateboard

Play as Super Lara

Play as a Tiger

Play as Tr3 Lara with Tr4 Head

Play as Tr3 Lara

Play as Trex

Play as Von Croy

Play as Winston the Butler

Giant mutant Edits:

Winston as giant mutant

T-rex Edits:

T-rex dressed as Lara

Lost Valley Sky Edits:

Blue and Gray

Impossible Mods:

Lara Riding a Velociraptor

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