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Incorrect! Welp, here it is. The correct level is Offshore Rig! I'm sorry for taking forever to post the other 3 hints. I wanted to give enough time to think and stuff.

1) Lara... What have you done?!

The alarm as soon as you leave the room with cargo. And then it happens again later on the level once you've broke the glass panel to pick up the green card key.


That might have been irrelevant or simply non-sense and i apologize! But that's how the baddies' automatic gun sounds like and i love it

3) "Let's go for a swim!"

This is a reference to the ending of the level and subsequently, the next one's name (Diving Area). Which suggests there will be a lot of swimming.

4) "Right. This is a big one. So do a run--" "No. That's not right. Go back to the start and try again."

The huge area you get in after fall in a hole then slide down. If you fail the jump. You have to swim over to one of the platforms down there and climb the ladder to try again. A very slow process if you ask me.

5) How is something like this down here? #TRLogicTriggered

Related to the Gold Dragon/Secret. The places where they are found throughout the game surely are interesting.

6) Okay i got them. Now give me the goodieees

This is a general reference to the Tomb Raider 2 secrets system. Once you've got all 3 dragons, you receive a generous reward based off medipacks, ammunition and/or sometimes even weapons!

As you can see, each hint was directly linked to the next one o: Enough puzzling! If anyone has a level in mind, feel free to elaborate~
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