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Originally Posted by Wooxman View Post
A TR game completely set in an urban environment wouldn't be liked by most fans. A mixture of cities and ancient temples/tombs/ruins would be good. But I'd certainly welcome if they took away the focus from the wilderness and completely removed the crafting system.
To be honest , I'd pick a game set entirely in wildernesses over an excessively urban game anyday , at least wildernesses are much more closer to the concept of Tomb Raiding than infiltrating high-tech labs , filthy sewers or raiding museums . I don't think Rise was purely all wildernesses anyway , the regions I can call "purely wilderness" are just the forests tbh , And I'd love them to improve the crafting system instead of deleting it altogether , make the resources scarcer and more meaningful and it's perfect for me , they can put medipacks in urban areas though if the next game was to ever introduce any .

Of course I'm excited for the rumored Vatican , because the architecture is amazing and resembles ancient Roman structures in a great way and would allow for a good contrast to the past games locations , but a game set entirely there is a big no-no .
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