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I think the blood splashes are to mimic being actually hurt. You don't feel pain and exhaustion as the character feels when you're playing, so they intrude something to decrease your viewing area so that being hurt impairs you, like it does in real life. But I also don't like it and would prefer a life bar OR something unobtrusive like Dead Space's suit lights for example.
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Bollocks. The blood effect is copied 1:1 from Call of Duty. And it's not as annoying when you have automatic healing, but when you have manual healing, then it's pretty annoying to not exactly know when to use a medipack. And when Lara is just slightly wounded, then there're always some blood blotches on the screen which is really annoying. Ironically the multiplayer mode of TR2013 has life bars for your team mates, but you only have the same blood stain effect as in single player mode which in a multiplayer game is even worse than in single player.
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I have no problem with blood on my screen. I did not find it annoying on hardest difficulty. I have never waited for my screen to turn completely grey before I healed in ROTTR or take cover in TR 2013. After second or third gameplay you kinda know when to do it.
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I don't like blood splatters (or, similar, a colour fade to grey a la Uncharted) either. I also don't like automatic healing.

Mostly because these ideas are now over-used to ****. Does every single game need to have auto-healing? I find the rapid Wolverine healing highly unrealistic (even if being able to heal yourself on the spot wasn't exactly realistic either), and I'm bored of seeing it.

It doesn't even make games any harder either, considering every game now has auto-save checkpoints every 10 seconds and far more accessible gameplay that's carried across every game franchise.
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You are speaking as if they have planned for a total return to the classic game-play style

I believe they should try and be more creative with the newer TR game, because it is hard to differentiate TR from other games nowadays
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