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Some people are just horrible and that woman most certainly is. I absolutely hate it when people constantly preach equality, but then contradict themselves and say detrimental things like this. Prioritizing somebody because of their skin colour and gender? That's some racist, sexist ****. Bigoted witch.
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Milo Yiannopoulos cancels Phoenix appearance after 62 venues decline to host him

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Can't wait for alt-righters to cry about how they are shutting down free speech.
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Why does Milo (who is kinda decent looking and I would probably shag if he wasn't alt right) call trump daddy? it's so bizarre
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Originally Posted by Brendanlovesu1 View Post
Why does Milo (who is kinda decent looking and I would probably shag if he wasn't alt right) call trump daddy? it's so bizarre
That is more then i ever wanted to know about Milo Yiannopoulos. XD
The guy was always messed up in the head and was hiding behind being Gay, thinking that makes it okay to be a racist piece of crap.

Good to see that he hasnt been given the chance for now to spew more of his propaganda.
But i wished the same would happen to Richard Spencer who calls for "peacfull" ethnical cleansing on a daily base.
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Milo is an attention seeking fool. He does what he does to get under the skin of people and he loves it. He craves it. I've seen him in debates and he just says and does sassy, immature, little things that make you just want to hate him and he knows it. That's why he does it. Any publicity is good publicity for him. The best thing to do to him is to completely ignore him. Unfortunately due to his standing on being really Conservative leaning it's impossible to ignore him. He's basically the kid on the playground who runs around yelling 'I'm not touching you! I'm not touching you!' while hovering a finger around you or waving in your face.
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There needs to be an IQ test to get into this country. This footage gives me anxiety. I can't believe the entitlement people feel just for not being white. It's scary that this is what intelligent Americans who have broken through the conditioning of identity politics are up against. We need to just move forward and let idiots like this catch up on their own time. The reality of life will be a rude awakening for these little brats. Woke people of color need to speak out and drown out these ignorant voices.
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The beauty of multiculturalism.
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