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I think nostalgia has a lot to do when it comes to each ones favourite game, most of us will select the game that has marked their childhood memories.
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Originally Posted by Eddie Haskell View Post
As a GAME, it is nearly perfect. It really lacks any major flaws in any department.
For its time you are in fact correct.

Originally Posted by jackraider View Post
I agree Eddie.

Future games get hampered by bugs (Chronicles, AOD) that really effect the gameplay in a bad way. Also, CORE should of never implemented triangular geometry into the old engine (TR3-5). They should've brought TR to a new engine at that point in time.
I have a few issues as far as bus with this game, but not as much as the newer games seem to have.

Originally Posted by jackraider View Post
Oh children play nice!
I'm not sarcastic my humor just has an attitude
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You have to be old enough to remember going to the arcade games in the shopping mall playing 2D platform games and shooters, and eventually 3D first person perspective, where all you see of the main character is hands and guns, just like the game DOOM.

Now this is where TOMB RAIDER shocked me as it was the first PC demo I ever played in 3D third person perspective, where the main character Lara Croft was visually right in front of you, and you were totally immersed in the game.

When she died on spikes, you felt it.
When she was in battle, you experienced it as though it was you.
When she won out, you won out.

This is why I ran out and bought the PC game after playing that game magazine demo disk. (Vilcabamba level if I remember), and been playing Tomb raider ever since.
Humble words by The Great Chi
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