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Originally Posted by Error96 View Post
It's on the tomb raider suite facebook page. There is another stream at 2PM today GMT.
Great, that makes it three consecutive streams I missed in a row
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Oh my god, those venice violins.. i need them... where's my time machine at?

Seriously, I'm so glad, that it sounds so much like the original (this and the puzzle element are almost identic). Not sure about the TR3 Theme yet, but we'll see, when it's released
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Today they held the second round of the Composer Buffet Prize Draw.
Winners are backers n 88, 159, 478, 645, 913, 1040, 1561, 2086, 2397 and 2527.

Congrats if you're one of them!
Ask yourself WWLD : What would Lara do ? :)
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