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Smile Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness Limited Edition

Hi, i'm looking for Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness Limited Edition (German edition). I didn't found it on ebay neither on other sites. If someone wants to sell it please contact me.
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it's very rare today, good luck !
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My first TR was the limited edition of AOD. The packaging was very fancy and shiny. There were copies on a shelf in a Best Buy back in 2005. I wish I still had it (even though it would probably be beaten up and scratched at this point)
Well you have my total attention now, I'm not quite sure I got yours though..
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^ I think you're referring to the PC boxed edition released in the States. The limited edition was exclusive to Germany only.

@OP: I got mine off Amazon a few years ago, so you might want to try there. Especially from the German sellers.
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