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I can't imagine TR2 on the Saturn! But I still have my Saturn with Tomb Raider 1. How much do you think it'd be worth now?
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I'll give you $2 for it. PayPal only.
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$2 for Sega Saturn TR1? For real?

I can give you $3.
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If the CD drive still works it's definitely worth something. Those are dying left and right.
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Originally Posted by Helegad View Post
Saturn being "more powerful" than Playstation is very vague and even untrue due to the inaccessibility and bottlenecks everywhere.

If Tomb Raider had come out a year later on Saturn, I doubt it would have looked any different, just been more polished. Saturn was not designed for 3D games. Its 3D capabilities were cheap and shoehorned in at the last minute.

As far as that Shenmue build goes, I would eat my hat if it ran at any more than three frames a second. That video was sped up for sure.
Well judging the performace, Frame rate, and graphics.... games like Nights into Dreams, Virtual fighter 2 and Panzer Dragoon Saga, I say it's possible for Tomb Raider 2 run fine on Sega Saturn. Game like Deep Fear is a massive game with heavy content in it and has no problem to run it on Saturn. I'm well aware that Sega Saturn is designed for 2D which I already stated that in my previous post. Again like i said, Suzuki himself confirmed not that long ago that this is running on stock Saturn hardware for shenmue raw footage.

ThatToastyBass made a great point about Saturn Hardware on my thread couple years ago.

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