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Default TR3 No Scratch

After finishing PC TR2 on a my first 'no scratch'/all secrets play through of any game and enjoying it I decided to go onto PC TR3 and do the same. I'll probably play it over a much longer period though.

Jungle was not too difficult, a bit of trouble with the tigers as I'm also trying to limit myself to just pistols for as long as doing that remains fun.

Temple Ruins has been less easy and I'm glad I'm not using the PS version because I've been saving far more often than I do normally. You make one mistake, like misjudging the distance of a blade trap, and you're doomed to repeat a long section.

I am also stuck getting through the timed door, spiked walls and blades without damage. On the no medipack run I did a few years ago I remembered that being a place I couldn't get through unscathed so I'd almost convinced myself it was impossible.

But I checked online and found a YT video which shows it possible but only with very precise initial positioning. How the guy worked that out without going nuts with the repetition I can't imagine but apparently it works; yet to try it myself.


Yay! That worked first time almost didn't believe it.

Problem is that you almost immediately come up against another, this time supposedly insoluble damage location getting back from the third secret at 15' 20" here:-


Thing is I think I managed it. Hang at the bottom of the ladder and press down until her left hand lets go momentarily then immediately drop and tumble. I'd swear there is no damage but I'm going to check with a screen shot to enlarge the small life bar you get when using 1280x1024 to make certain.*

However later (22' 15" in the same YT video) when you need to do a similar drop back into the main room that same technique does not work. She'll take less damage but it appears to be unavoidable.

If anyone here knows a 'legitimate' solution here please share.

*Bah! Checked that first drop against a full health bar in a graphics program and there is literally the thinnest sliver damage after the drop. Easy to miss at that resolution. Still using the tumble does appear to minimise the damage and it is less than if you use a conventional hang drop.

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It is impossible. For example in Area 51 the last secret and in RX Tech Mines the underwater section. You can do the underwater section without medipacks but not without taking damage. There are even more places where you take forced damage
Good luck
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Anyway you can still do your best to show the "less damage possible" the game provides...
Also, Hallows (the bonus level, if you're planning to do it too), if I am not wrong, has a zone where you fall and you loose a lot of life, so you need to have the full bar to not die there.
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I was also wondering how far you can get before a level forces you to take damage. A few years ago I tried a no medipack run, but my chain ended in Madabu Gorge where Lara had to dive into the final part of the level, as I just couldn't get her to land without her dying! It was the only medipack I used in the entire game run. Oh well. Good luck and do keep us up to date with your progress!
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I've done no medipack runs through all the games so I know (if I can remember) the techniques and tactics I used to get through avoiding most of the damage. But it is a whole different level of difficulty avoiding damage completely.

As we all know it is impossible to complete all levels undamaged, All Hallows, as mentioned, being a good example. But there are places you think are impossible that can be done like that blade/spiked wall run in Temple Ruins. I doubt I would have had the patience to find that positioning/timing/technique myself especially when you can not possibly know if it can be done when you try. At what point do you give up and accept it can't be done?

Kudos to the YT guy who worked it out and showed us how it can be done.
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