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New Update

Dear Backers,

We are now ready to hold the prize draw for the remaining three seats at one of the 3-hour recording sessions for The Tomb Raider Suite at Abbey Road Studios in London.

The three seats will be available for the morning session on Tuesday 17th October. The session starts at 10:00 GMT and we ask attendees to arrive by 09:00 GMT so we have time for meet and greets and to get you settled in the viewing area/balcony which looks down onto Studio 1.


The prize draw will be held on Monday 18th September at 17:00 GMT live on my Twitter account (@nrpmccree). The results will be posted on Kickstarter shortly after. You can either tune in to the live broadcast or simply wait for the Kickstarter update.

We have assigned a unique Prize Draw Number to all backers who pledged 100 or more. The list of eligible backers and their associated Prize Draw Number is displayed at the bottom of this update. I will be using Random.Org to generate the prize draw winning numbers.

The three winners drawn will be emailed directly (to preserve anonymity, if required).

The recipients will have five days from the time stamp in the email to confirm their attendance at the recording session. All winners will be responsible for their own transport and accommodation.

If after five days I have not received confirmation, their seat(s) will be withdrawn and I will hold an additional live draw to select further winners. This process will repeat until we have three attendees confirmed.

Many thanks to all the participants of this prize draw.

Good luck everyone!
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Originally Posted by ThatSassyKid View Post
Anyone else still waiting around for the survey?
I was just think about that this morning. I wonder what's taking so long. Surely they have confirmed all of the backers by now.

As far as the email that was sent out yesterday, part of me really wants my number drawn because it's a once in a lifetime experience. But then again I have no idea how I'm going to pay for the trip. Lol
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I'm pretty sure it is taking just as long as it needs to, they need to account for every item people have decided on and then make sure they got it right.
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