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Default PC controller for classic tomb raiders

Looking to get a copy of lost artifact but not really interested in using the keyboard.

There are ps2 controller adapters which would be ideal imo, but I'm not sure they are compatible with tla? Anyone know?

If not, does anyone have suggestions on a good and preferably cheap gamepad that does work with tla?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions
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You should be able to find gamepads which imitate PlayStation controllers, there seems to be a lot of them and Logitech seems to have the largest selection, and as long as they work correctly with your Windows system, they should work correctly with Tomb Raider games as well (aside from TR1, which is a different cup of tea).
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This one I used to use before my Xbox One controller:


I'm sure you can get it one cheaper somewhere else or something like it though.

It's pretty much identical to the old PS1 controllers before analog sticks.
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I used to use a Logitech F310. Essentially a cheap imitation of a Dual Shock controller, but it did the job well enough for a few years. However, the wiring was very poor and after a while it kept disconnecting and reconnecting. Keep this in mind as the cheaper options are more likely to fail/break etc. A friend then leant me their Xbox One controller and I use that now.
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Use any controller you like, combine it with JoyToKey and you can map keyboard keys to it however suits you best.
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You don't actually need Joy2Key from TR2 onwards, the games support joypads and can be mapped as desired; only TR1 needs a third part mapper and Joy2Key is certainly good for that. However after re-reading what I've said below I have almost convinced myself that you may better off using it, rather than the in game joypad mapping, for all the TR games.

For authenticity I use my best remaining official PS Dualshock but the PS2's DS2 works just as well with a USB adapter. People have had trouble with some PS/PS2 to USB adapters but in my case no problems.

I map it just like the Playstation controls although some functions are best left or apparently have to be left to the keyboard.

IMHO the joypad mapping function is a bit flakey on TR2 and TGM, at least on my current system, but it does work eventually. The only problem I've come across is a specific functional issue with the Inventory button when mapped to a joypad by the game.

This applies to TR2/TGM, TR3/TLA and to a lesser extent TR4/5 which use a slightly different inventory access/exit system. Whatever button you map it to will work fine selecting items/exiting from the inventory in game. But choose a main menu item like the Passport, Sound/Video Settings and even the Key Mapping itself and using the joypad you can't back out of it using that same Inventory button as you should be able to do.

You have to use ESC on the keyboard. For me this is no problem but it is a bit weird as ESC is the games Default Inventory key used for opening and closing the inventory. So why there is this functional difference when they're both mapped as the "Inventory" key.

I have a feeling that might even be the issue. I've never liked games mapping important functions to important OS keys as it can and does cause problems with TR. Maybe this is another but it is a bit of an oddity.

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