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Originally Posted by Paolone
Keyboard. Simulate command.
0: Single sending
1: Send command for 0.2 seconds
2: Send command for 0.3 seconds
3: Send command for 0.4 seconds
18: Send command for 25 seconds
19: Send command for 30 seconds
20: Send command for 35 seconds
1) If I measured correctly, "21" is "37 seconds" but the higher values 22 23 24 25 26 fail to work at all.
2) I don't see the "Forever" option. Is it available like elsewhere? It would be more useful than any.

EDIT: Oh, well.
In case if 1) is indeed an unlisted extra option, it's just fine.
In case if 2) is is missing unlike in other cases, I just did this:
Organizer=36,FO_LOOP+FO_TICK_TIME,-1,1,371    ;interval 1 frame
TriggerGroup=371,$2000,53,$9                  ;force grab, single = for 1 frame
so it's literally "once for all".

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What if I have more than one TRLE installed on my computer?
I mean, the first run of Mk5 NG Center will install TRNG automatically on my TRLE folder. But what if it is not the Editor folder I want?

This service pack link in TrngPatcher old warning message is wrong. Swap for this (which is also from you):

Also a dead link now to download Visual Express, you should remove it from the tutorial:
Sometimes you don't use "H" (like <START_CONDITION_92_O>), but I can't see any difference with or without H.
"Identifier is not found" in the case of some functions (FindFloorType, FormatText and ?), but I can find them in trng.cpp.
// note: you can use this function only when drawing operations are opened
What does that mean?

I can't define vector content in MyData structure+substructures. For example:

BYTE Index [2] = {1, 5};

It says "=" is not allowed.

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