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Originally Posted by Samz View Post
Personally I only ran into the "Lara gets stuck in one place" bug, (Though I did save manually alot since I looked up the bugs that get you stuck, ever since Tr3's Aldywch switch forced me to restart that level.)

While I do (Overall) consider Underworld's combat to be the best in the series, Legend did have some pretty cool stuff that sadly never showed up again, I really liked the Turrets, since you traded mobility (and therefore were more likely to be hit) for damage/range Lara normally lacks and using the grapple so Lara can do her best impression of GET OVER HERE!, though I did like Underworld's limited ammo (Sure having no ammo pick ups at all is almost surely a sign of how rushed the game was, but it ment I had to ration out the stronger weapons.)

I have mixed feelings on the Adrenaline System,

The headshot feels like a weird mix of Legend's Aerial Attack (The jump on a guy then jump off him shooting at him and his buddy move, which was my favourite thing since it rewarded you for taking the risk of closing the distance with an awesome action-movie move) (since you jump on the guy) and Anniversary's head shot, I dislike the fact i can't do a "Regular" Aerial attack and shoot multiple guys at once, but I did honestly find the headshot in Anniversary REALLY easy, just fire roughly 5 bullets, dodge, then you've instant killed a enemy, the power weapons really only ever are useful against bosses (which, to be fair, when they aren't QTEs are more dangerous than the TR1 counterparts, Natla goes from an easy fight to a genuine Rush.) at least in Underworld you have to slowly build up the Adrenaline by doing lots of damage before it drains. (well, until you fight Thralls, who fully charge the meter from nothing if you finish them off with the stomp) then again you can actually avoid using it unlike the Anniversary headshot (since enraged enemies are really hard to dodge without at least triggering the slow-mo dodge)

Concentrated Fire is pretty much Ariel Assault, minus the jumping off a guy, I do like how you can extend it by constantly doing damage and seeing a horde of charging thralls stumbling back from Lara unloading dual Uzi's on them never gets old.

I also dislike how you can literally instant kill the (closest thing to a boss) Yeti Thrall things with the headshot.

I REALLY like the motorbike in Underworld, one of the best vehicles in the series, you can fire from it (Honestly I loved how underworld let Lara attack from hanging/poles and only wish there were more parts where it was required), you can use the brake to roundhouse Panthers with the bike in a spin (or do a regular kick on them, something Legend didn't let you do on animals) AND its a vehicle you can freely get on/off like the ps1 Era.
I didn't suffer through too many bugs on my playthroughs of Underworld either, but Legend and Anniversary is definitely a smoother experience. So my main issue is the performance. it's slightly off. Underworld introduces a lot of new things which mixes up the movements. Dual targeting for instance. I loved the dual targets and I wish they'd developed it further.

I loved Legend's slo-mo jump attack. Everytime I replay the game I overuse it because it's just so damn fun. I wish they kept that and just worked from there instead of changing it up. Although I did like the adrenaline rush in Anniversary. It worked very well for that game at the time, although I missed the Legend jump a little bit. I didn't really make sense to keep it in Anniversary though. They tried to make that work for Underworld by jumping "awkwardly" on (some) enemies and manually aim for the head. Not my favorite, I much rather just prefer Legends or Anniversary's adrenaline system. Sometimes it can be fun, but it's just a little awkward. I would like to see the adrenaline rush return to the series if it's done right. It doesn't really work with the reboot, but maybe it could in the future.

I enjoyed vehicles in the classics, and I do think Underworld does a much better job taking use of the bike rather than what Legend did. I actually think the bike ride parts in Legend are the worst part of that game, especially on high difficulty settings on PC. I like that you get to bring the bike along for the course, and not just always leave it behind. I'd wish they would include vehicles in future games again. Although, I can't really picture reboot Lara on a motorcycle. That's very much "old Lara". (Maybe reboot Lara can ride a bicycle or something, lol.)
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Originally Posted by Emix View Post
Hype? Before the original Xbox Release there was more hate here than hype.
Which is why I was absent. I just bought a used Xbox One to play the game then resold it at the same price and bought it when it came out on PS4.

Wasn't going to let anyone here bring down my excitement for the game. Lol

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Originally Posted by Emix View Post
Hype? Before the original Xbox Release there was more hate here than hype.
Yes! Everybody was mad, the forums was a volcano that had erupted lol
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