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Somebody (perhaps Mulf?) had a similar error.
The reason was he did NOT use the minimum TRNG, which is, but an older version.

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DJ Full
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Yeah I had this yesterday. I just forgot to update to 1.5.7
I even had a video from this but I figured it out and didn't upload.
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AkyV, I was looking at the functions that Paolone has found that we can use for making plugins, and I've seen there was the AlterFOV function. Do you think you could make a trigger for us to customize it? Maybe a Customize= command too to customize it for a whole level too. I'll be trying things with plugins in the future I think so that's I'm looking a bit at everything I can, but it would be a nice addition to your plugins.

Tip: the value has to be multiplied by 192 to fit normal FOV values (I mean, the same as the ones used by flybys). Found that with trial and error, if it is 191 or 193 I have no idea but 192 makes sense and it looks like it's the same (cause 80*192 makes the same FOV as usual).

Mmh, maybe I'll try my own version if I dig through the plugin's tutorials. Could be useful for making other plugins in the future.
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