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I think there's only so much you can change. For me Core Lara just wasn't confident - she was someone who wanted adventure, freedom, thrills and by TRC Ireland we know that even before the plane crash she always had that little devil on her shoulder telling her to go to places she shouldn't.

I don't think adrenaline junkies are made and reboot Lara is by no means that, she's an academic first and "wanted to make her mark". People learn, yeah, but their deepest desires? I don't think that's learned out of a person. That's the thing - people usually change when it's required of them.

I don't see how Lara is going to become witty in an organic way if she doesn't need to be. You need more than experience in tomb raiding, you need the sense of humor. She didn't have much of a sense of humor in the first place and I don't see how Yamatai or defeating Trinity is going to give her one - that doesn't make sense.

One way she can learn to be witty is by having a friend who's witty. People subconsciously adopt the traits of those they like and it would actually help her develop.

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I don't think it's impossible to change but I think once you get to a certain age, it takes something significant to change you at your core level.

And I think that's what Dennis's Mom is possibly referring to. Who you are fundamentally as a person - which I would identify more as your "core values" as opposed to undertaking this or that activities.

It might look an enormous change on the surface when people change their behaviour - eg, suddenly a person may start sky-diving where before they were nervous fliers.............. but for that person it might merely mean overcoming a phobia or developing new interests, whilst intrisically their core values have remained exactly the same. They as an individual have not changed their beliefs about themself and the world around them.

Core values are hard to change...........because they come from such a deep place within ourselves. Almost like the programming language at the bottom of who we are, from which all the other programmes that make up our personalities operate from..... you're not just deleting some unwanted programmes (behaviours), you're changing the operating language, the code it is all written in..................

I don't think it's impossible, but it's hard.

Going through something as traumatic as what was supposed to have happened on the island could change someone significantly. I personally don't believe it would change Lara in the way they've made out, but I suppose it's possible........I'm not an expert on these things.
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