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I think TR5 aka chronicles was one of the better tomb raider games to have came out on the ps1 era, to me the game was well polished from some of the others, despite having a few game breaking bugs in the final levels, and from TR4 being so long it felt nice to have 4 small chapters taking place at different points in time and covering different stories. I know a lot of people has stated that TR5 was more of a add-on to TR4, IMO i think it stands very well on its own, and i dont think it should get as much hate and bad reviews as it got.. sure people can argue saying its just the same old game and the same old lara croft, but to me, wasnt that why we wanted sequels? we enjoyed the gameplay everyone loved lara, i dont understand why there had to be a change despite pushing the series in a direction they never have and keeping fans and newcomers interested. I love the new tomb raider games and i am always happy to see lara make a come back but the newer games dont hold up to what the classics where.. I just hope one day we can get our original lara croft back, with no mommy and daddy issues, no reboot for her to discover herself on... just a simple, tomb raiding game with our bad ass lady croft with her dual pistols..
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Well While I do adore chronicles I think it's kinda sad that Eidos wanted core to make chronicles just so that we couldn't get the full AOD trilogy, but they did it to fill a gap between Last revelation and AOD. At least in Chronicles we got Russia and VCI which made it top notch plus Ireland was good too. Rome wasn't too bad. Russia and VCI was very similar to Nevada from TR3 (and also english chunnel from LA).
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