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We have a release date: May 1.


Dear Backers,

On July 12 2017, via Update #30 - I mentioned that as we were later getting booked into Abbey Road than had we had hoped and that it would push back our release date by a couple of months, from November to January. We then had to liaise with Abbey Road again for the Mixing and Mastering slots, as well as the correct engineers to support the process. In Update#48 on 19th December 2017 the update stated that the mixing session would be taking place in January 2018. I didn’t confirm dates at that time as I was liaising with the engineer to agree if a second mixing session would be needed. After reviewing the stems sent from Abbey Road, we have decided to run with a second session also.

Therefore I can confirm the following dates:

MIXING SESSION 1: 29th January 2018 to 3rd February 2018

MIXING SESSION 2: 21st February 2018 to 22nd February 2018

MASTERING SESSION: 23rd February 2018

We now also have the production lines set up for the album and we are really pleased to say the official album release date will be: 1st May 2018

Please do note we have been told there may be a delay to the tin CD’s, due to the production overhead – but we will confirm as soon as we know more.

The process of creating this album has and continues to be a complex process, using the best engineers and studio in the world and as such, we’ve had to slot in with when the facilities and the professionals have been available for the duration required.

With regard to the delivery of the other reward merchandise, we are aiming to coincide with the release of the album in order to be as efficient as possible with our global fulfilment exercise and to be as cost effective on the postage as we can. Again we are sorry for the delay to our deliverables and we are very grateful for your patience.

The next update will be before we head into the mixing sessions and we’ll be bringing you behind the scenes content from those sessions through our social media channels. We really hope you’ve enjoyed looking around the website and more updates will be coming soon. To set the record straight, the website was created wholly outside of the Kickstarter funds by friends who have supported the project from the start and are as keen as you to make the project as successful as possible.

Kindest regards

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Incredible. Every word in that sentence was wrong.
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