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Originally Posted by Girafarig32 View Post
..... Maybe it's young Lara and her outrageous face in the renders always crossing my mind
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Craig Michaels
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Originally Posted by ThatSassyKid View Post
TR3 > TR5 > everything else
Haha yup, me too.

And, for me, I loved the submarine levels (except for the diving suit one, it was short and awkward to navigate).

The sinking submarine got me totally wrapped up in the danger and suspense of it, and the sounds of the creaking "dying vessel" creeped me out in a good way trying to run around the same environment I'd seen, now flooded and with live wires in the water.
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I think Chronicles is great if only for the Ireland levels. The atmosphere is fantastic, and the story was really interesting to me. I'll never forget the Labyrinth level when that god awful skeleton scared the daylights out of me at each turn in the church. I sometimes found VCI to be unnecessarily too hard when I was younger, but it was fun.

I may be biased, however. I tended to like the later games of the classics because I was old enough to be allowed to play them
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To me young Lara was always a cute unexplored phase of Lara unlike the reboot, we have the necessary backstory but it felt like she could have had more adventures. If Classic Young Lara ran into Himiko she would have taught her a lesson or two, no pick axe needed, a crowbar to the skull would have done just fine

On topic though, I love all of TRC, I remember it fondly and think the game has perfect levels!
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