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Except there's a definite shift in the story elements involved in the "monomyth".

This is how the legends and artifacts seem to go, notice how things seem to get slightly convoluted at the introduction of Anniversary:

Dias - Bolivia
Arthurian Connection - Peru
Arthurian Connection, Sword Piece - Japan
Sword Piece - Ghana
Arthurian Connection, Sword Piece - Kazakhstan
Arthurian Connection, Introduction of Monomyth, Sword Piece - England
Dais, Sword Piece - Nepal
Dais, Arthurian Connection, Sword - Bolivia Redux

Ancient Civilization Technology, Scion, Atlantis - Anniversary

No Sword, Just a Gauntlet, Norse Connection, Ancient Civilization Technology - Mediterranean Sea
Norse Connection - Thailand
Another Gauntlet - England
Thor's Belt, Norse Connection - Mexico
Thor's Hammer, Norse Connection - Jan Mayen
Norse Connection, Ancient Civilization Technology, Remnant(?) of Atlantis, Sword, Dais - Arctic Sea

There's a sudden shift away from Celtic monomyth in favor of the Norse monomyth which overshadows everything discovered in Legend, even throwing out the Sword by the beginning of Underworld. The ending almost feels tacked on because up until that point the last time we ever saw swords or daises was the ending of Legend.

Anniversary shifted what could have been the original Legend storyline into a mess involving Natla, Atlantean technology (and perhaps pre-Atlantean?), and trying to keep in the theme of a monomyth. But there was next to no warning for this shift. The mystery and intrigue granted by the Arthurian monomyth having similarities around the world vanished as soon as the focus shifted to searching for Thor's "arsenel" so to speak. Yes, the ending included the sword and dais again, but at that point one has to wonder why there was no effort to go to other daises around the world, study them, find more sword pieces, et cetera?
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Nice breakdown of the major story revelations in the trilogy. Pretty plainly shows how incoherent it is.

After spending time in this thread I'm slowly replaying Legend (bits and pieces at a time - though it's hard to play it "slowly" lol). I'm trying to absorb more of the story that I probably didn't think much about the other times I played.

Also - slightly OT - but I almost CRIED when I looked closely at TRL Lara.... she actually looks SO MUCH like Classic Lara in the face, when you really think about it. Heartbreaking.. given Reboot.. meh
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I wish I had something more to offer at this point but I can't say I could add anything new or better than anything that's been said thusly.

You all contributing though, I'd just like to say that in all my years on this forum board, never have I seen such a fantastic thread with such intelligent conversation.

Legend remains such a golden place in my heart. I have always thought the story, as Nigel put it, was one of the best around. I even accepted the rather cursory glance we got of the mythos in Legend since I assumed it would be picked up and delved into later. (Fool me once...) I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying this conversation (or how I missed it years back) but just know you all are really impressive with your analyses and theories!
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Thank you for your contribution too JacobBryanBurns. Yes, everyone on here has made very good arguments.

There was indeed a big shift in tone and even the way the story was being told from Legend to Underworld. Yes, about the monomyth, it's true that King Arthur and Excalibur have a lot of similarities with Thor and Mjolnir. But that's also where the connection ends. I mean, we didn't get any real conclusions to the questions in Legend and what exactly the connection is with the Daises, Excalibur, Mjolnir and the whole Norse connection. A bit of a waste in my opinion.

Zip and Alistair for example, made some very good arguments in Legend and also contributed to the plot. There was nothing like that in Underworld. Without a doubt, Legend is my favorite Tomb Raider story. It was just so perfect and had me screaming for a sequel in the end. Underworld just left me very dissapointed and anti climatic, even though it had some good moments.

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I just messing around with my thoughts, sorry for that...

Piece 1, Japan: Takamoto stole it from "iforgotthenameofit" university and according to him, it is one piece of the excalibur.

Piece 2, Ghana: Rutland holds it, but delibetarely holds back it's original place. (it could be a piece of Viracocha's staff )

Piece 3, Kazakhstan: another piece, it's origin unkonwn

Piece 4, England: Obviously it's from te excalibur, since Arthur's tomb has it.

there are more swords:
The one, what Amelia and Lara uses. Lara used it twice. (TRL/U)
Viracocha's staff
The piece which Rutland has and the piece which is in Kazakhstan. (their origin is unkonwn, we don't know for sure they came from the same sword)

Also, there are more interesting stuff here:
a, The Ghalali key. Lara's father found it, given to Amelia!!!
b, In TRA both Lord Croft and Lara searching the place, where Amelia went.
c, At the first visit in Bolivia (the idea was given by Anaya) Lara says about the dais: "There's more than one. Father you were right."

That means, Lord C. made some research in Nepal. (what makes me think, because he had go there with Lara + Lara made some notes about the dais but never showed it to her dad!)

So, if the Ghalali key was found earlier than Amelia's death, that means Lara's dad already was in search after something.
Also, if the Ghalali key is capable forge the pieces together, that means there's more than one. (also, some african culture has a excalibur like relic, maybe with it's dais too)

So by the logic of the monomyth, I think:
Every culture has one origin.
The origin is Atlantis I would say, since I'm sure after Natla, Tichocan and Qualopec, there were another rulers or sort of rulers, before the atlantean culture disappeared forever. (like Thor for example)

So each culture evolved, had it's sword/hammer/staff or whatever, wich belonged to one dais.
The dais were connected:
Place to place. (Communicate- like skype/ or physical travelling)
Place to Underworld (Yggdrasil)
Place to place- in time?
I just can't decide it it was a connection between times, or it was just a record of the last time, when a portal was used.

The symbols of the dais:
I'm sure their function is give the coordinates, also can have some "codes"
if they can connect in time too.
(Lara has one, to talk to Amelia.)

Also if there is a damage, the portal doesn't work, but one way. (End of TRU)
Like, if you don't have any credit on your phone, you can't call, but the others can call you.
So when Lara and Amanda left Yggdrasil , they would have arrived to a place (different culture, maybe?), where a portal still intact. (maybe the one, what Arthur knew and it's stone was moved to in his tomb...

So there's this: if it's true, that TR2013 was early developing while TRU wasn't exactly done, they wanted to close the story for good.
Simply the devs didn't wanted to add a new location, since they didn't wanted to continue the franchise...

Almost forgot...
Every culture (according to Lara) has it's own Underworld. (Seen two: one in mexico, one in the arctic sea)
I'm not sure, the underworlds are connected tho....

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The one in Kazakhstan was found with a number of artefacts. Including Lancelots shield. Safe to say its definitely from Excalibur.
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Originally Posted by Boobandie View Post
The one in Kazakhstan was found with a number of artefacts. Including Lancelots shield. Safe to say its definitely from Excalibur.
And Takamoto said the piece in the Wasedei University was found in the tomb of "one of your Arthur's knights"
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