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Default Did they mess up the Definitive Edition?

I'm still fairly new here so forgive me if this has been discussed before, but the Definitive Edition of this game is a bit hard to play for me.

Other than the 60fps target which is always welcome, I really dislike some of the changes.

Lara's face is horrid. The original version was perfect and far more expressive. The DE face often stayed stiff where the original face would emote. She's also far less pale and the eyes are too low. It's like when I make a character in Dragon Age: Inquisition and put the eye height slider to the bottom so the character looks like a munchkin. It's really distracting.

Also, I can appreciate TressFX. It looks great in Rise, but here I can't help but wonder if Lara's "late shift at the Nine Bells" was being used as a mop.

This last one is a nit pick, but I find the PS3 version to have a rougher look to it which I think works better, the DE looked really clean. Reminded me of Silent Hill 2 on the PS2 vs. PC.

Anyone else feel this way? I've been playing through on PS3 again. The framerate can be laggy but I'm just so glad I don't need to look at her munchkin face.
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There's really no exact "definitive" edition, since each version has it's own advantages over another, but they did fix a few things in the DE such as the camcorder scenes where it wouldn't show her tressfx hair when she's on the Endurance with the other crew members.

I've played the PC version at ultra settings, and the DE definitely looks better to me overall, but there's still a few things that I noticed that were wrong in DE.

1) Bandage disappears from Lara's arm after the helicopter crash.

2) Rope bundle missing from Lara's leg after acquiring the 'Rope Arrow' upgrade.

3) Missing bandage from Lara's left hand later in the game.

4) Dead enemies/animals occasionally vanishing shortly after being killed so they cannot be looted.

5) Shadow of the old hair model when wearing alternate outfits.

6) TRESSFX 2.0 issues: Gravity defying hair during the 'upside down' section at the beginning and freezing hair when aiming. (PS4 only)

^ Brian Horton from Crystal Dynamics said they did this because Lara's Hair would move like crazy while aiming, but unfortunately doing so broke the upside down sequences.
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Corpses have disappeared for me on the PS3 version for me before I could loot them. It just happens sometimes. I think the game is de-spawning enemies because there are too many onscreen or something. Purely anecdotal evidence though, so please take it with a grain of salt.

I prefer the Definitive Edition after having gotten to play through it. It's all down to taste. But I don't think that the standard edition Lara looks much like Lara at all.

Edit -

Is it just me, or are both Laras' faces dead and inexpressive?
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Overall I preferred the Definitive Edition. Any "problems" which have been mentioned were so miniscule I didn't really care or didn't even notice them. I can forgive Tressfx for not being perfect, it was still quite new technology at the time I think and was in a kind of "experimental" phase.

Her facial expressions bothered me on both versions but I actually preferred how she looked in the DE, personally. On PS3 she looked sickly pale all the time and I really didn't understand the choice to give her blue eyes. The DE changed both of those back.
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Let's not kid ourselves.

DE model >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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I was never fond of Lara's DE face. In some screenshots it looked alright but most of them time...nah, it just looked off.
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Her face was upgraded to look closer to the CGI model and all of the concepts/art. It's definitely an improvement. It's way more Lara, less Camilla.
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Originally Posted by scremanie View Post
Her face was upgraded to look closer to the CGI model and all of the concepts/art. It's definitely an improvement. It's way more Lara, less Camilla.
This exactly.
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Perhaps it's just the lighting but the DE model looks like she's got some seriously bigger tittays. O_O
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When I replayed the PC version of TR2013 on my new monitor at a higher resolution, I noticed that indeed the older Lara face was able to express more emotions (it's just not that noticeable on PS3 and Xbox 360 due to the low resolution). But when it comes to looks, I still prefer the DE face.

And seeing that both, the PS4 and Xbox One are able to play games at stable 1080p and 60FPS (for example Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection), makes me wish that they put more time into creating the definitive edition.

Or, well, just port it to the PC. Back when the DE was released, it wasn't common for PC games to also get updates, so it didn't bother me too much, but since then HD re-releases of other big triple A games like Bioshock and Skyrim have been made and they also have been ported to PC and when you already owned the original games, you got the HD version for free. But of course Square Enix had to pull a Square Enix.
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