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Default TR1 and full soundtrack exe support confusion

I noticed the TOMB and TOMB-V executables commonly used for DOSBox TR1 custom levels don't have full soundtrack support but only enable certain music like ambiences, secret tune and skateboard kid's line "you firin at me". I managed to solve this problem by renaming gidierre's pack tomb3dfx.exe to TOMB-V.exe and replacing the usual TOMB-V.exe with this one. This cancels the no-cd patch so you need to use a cd image, however it enables full soundtrack in return. But this is only for TOMB-V. The classic TOMB.exe, be it the one from tombeng.bin cd image, or from the custom level pack, doesn't support the full soundtrack. Of course I could replace it with TOMB-V and rename to TOMB but this way you lose the vibrant colors in favor of the grey glide patch which takes over. Therefore:

- Does anybody know about any classic TOMB.exe which would support the full soundtrack?
- Alternately, is there a way to use TOMB-V.exe but disable the glide to restore the classic look?

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