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This is an animation I made a year ago, which I found somewhere on my animation backups...
It was made for AODFan (for his unreleased rollingball plugin), however I thought "why not share it?"

I think it looks good, although if I bothered to edit it, I'd change a bit of the position of her arms since it goes a bit under the floor, and her butt that awkwardly rotates after she falls on the floor (detail that is likely to be unnoticed in-game). Also I don't know if the animation will sync or not with the rollingball movement, so if I had such feedback I'd be pleased to make it slower/faster
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I think it looks good also, nice work!
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Ok, here's the preview of revised animations
I think her pose looks more natural now as she does not put her legs that far apart.
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Oh this makes a big difference, it's much easier to suspend your disbelief and think it's not a Lara Croft model you're looking at.
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