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This will be the best Christmas gift!!! save more often and in different places, please.
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Despite such sad news I'm still excited for this! I'm mostly waiting for the easier thingies since I'm not smart enough for this
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Thank you Psiko <3
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Could not make any progress in game from very beginning. Perhaps I should try the easier version when it is released. But the size of the download won't let me to get it that easy. Torrent system could help here.
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Originally Posted by psiko View Post
Thank you guys for your support.
Yes, I had backup copies, but on the same harddisk. Before receiving the attack, I didn't know how an attack itself of that kind was supposed to work, so I was thinking it was sufficient. I have worked really hard to rescue everything or so, and it was actually the hardest time of the whole development.
12 fmv's were lost completely and I had to redo everything but without any of the original sources, so they were harder and more complicated than the first time, but I made them. They have a very lower graphics...
Make better images beacuse ugly I will don't like,you can in this case later release your game,add shadows!
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thank you Guty for your support, this makes me happy, that you want the best game I can provide. The fact is, I am too lucky there's still a game to talk about. The game is solid, and shadowless fmv's are just two or three among many with even special effects, and you won't miss a better graphics, but instead you'll enjoy it and would think what a pity if all was lost

furthermore, I want to publish it because another attack is always possible and I already have few files to work with to provide the game.

then, I prefer to build new levels rather than to work again on something that was ready and it is acceptable now. As you might know, season 2 of hypersquare isn't the last, and I want to go back editing levels for season 3

A_De, I will contact you to create a torrent file at the right moment, if I cannot find tutorials just googling
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